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In autumn, the grass shed a suit of clothes, and gave it to the earth sparingly, so that the earth can nurture all things more effectively.


There is no perfect match, but one knows how to accommodate and tolerate, and the other knows how to stop.


The rice was dressed in rich gold, and his head hung down shyly. The wind blows and the golden waves roll.


Do useful things, say brave words, think good things, sleep soundly, and spend time on progress rather than complaining.


After listening to the kangaroo, everyone shook their heads. But he had to obey the orders, so he had to practice the skill of jumping.


There are always a few such people in the world who have high demands on life and are unwilling to be stupid and rude.


As long as you are better than yourself yesterday, it is a tragedy of life to keep up with others all your life.


In the night sky, the moon was dim and the stars were sparse, and the whole earth seemed to be asleep.


The honor should be yours, but because of Mo kind of reason and did not give you, this time must not turn over, believed that the good thing will come.


Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. If you are willing to study and use them, you can cultivate success from failure.


The woods wake up, combing their hair in the morning wind, and busy wiping the rosy dawn on their faces.


Everything is success or failure, as long as experience. This life, this is to not lose to themselves.


A full moon is rising slowly, the silver moonlight reflects a few feathers like light clouds, wonderful.


Who is not hypocritical, who is not fickle, who is not who. Why should some people and things be so important.


We live in the world with heavy burdens, but we still have no courage to speak frankly about our unhappiness.


The world won't care about your self-esteem. People will only look at your achievements. Don't overemphasize self-esteem until you have achieved something.


We can have a city in our heart, but some things that can make me warm can't be erased, because it represents the meaning of your life.


Everyone has his own distinct ideas and personality. Don't try to change others. Similarly, don't be changed by others.


The river is clear to the bottom, like a transparent blue silk, lying quietly in the arms of the earth.


Through the thin clouds, the sun shines on the vast white earth, reflecting the silver light, shining people's eyes.


The sun in late autumn is like a quilt covered with orange red lampshade, which radiates soft light and shines on the body and face.


For human beings, friendship is an act of exchange. Without the next exchange, friendship will not continue.


His eyebrows sometimes wrinkled tightly, forming a question mark between them, and sometimes stretching happily, like an exclamation point.


When we were young, we gave up thinking that it was just a relationship. Later we learned that it was actually a life.


There is a painful life: in the past, looking up at the stars in the night, now looking up at the night in the neon.


You don't have to say all you know, but you have no friends. There is no need to be too strict with others. If you are too strict, you will be far away. Respect people do not have to humble, humble do less bone.


A red sun leaped out of the sea, dazzling, sea and sky immediately covered with gold, the sea changed from ink blue to blue.


If I become a mother in the future, I will care about my children as much as my mother cares about me.


I'm like fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides, growing fast and flourishing, but only I know my own hidden danger.


Every day at least do a practical thing, even if it is trivial, your day will be a solid and no regrets.


Spring is like a shy little girl, hiding, hiding, spring is like a baby born, petite and lovely.


No matter what my life is like now, I still love those memories that occasionally make me smile.


A touch of sentimental mood, like thousands of twisted silk, tightly wrapped in that thin body, people suffocate.


His whole body is round, especially his stomach protrudes like a barrel of wine. Before people arrive, his stomach comes first.


With what mentality to see the world, the world will show what, cloudy day also has romance, sunny day also has thunderbolt.


In the fields of wheat and rye, among the reeds on the shore, there was a faint and noisy sound.


The fireworks in the sky are like the petals of a fairy in the sky.


The reason why the distance is terrible is because you don't know whether the other party is missing you or has forgotten you.


Love to dull, is the beginning of life. Strong love is often flowing, love you will love others.


This time playing the bullfight game let me understand a truth: when things happen, we should win by wisdom. Only by being calm and calm can we win all battles.


When you wrestle, you will know that the friend who helps you up is your best friend who scolds you all the time, but helps you take the medicine to wipe.


Her face suddenly darkened, her eyes darkened, like a clear sky suddenly covered with a dark cloud.


If a person wants to be eliminated from this society, he can not live too comfortably.


Growth is a transaction. We all exchange the courage of growing up with simple innocence and unprepared whiteness.


Success needs cost, time is also a kind of cost, the treasure of time is the cost saving.


On their own, no matter how long the road is, you can walk step by step. No matter how short the road is, you can't reach it without opening your feet.


Failure of tens of thousands of people, there are failures in doing things not thorough, often do not do a step away from success.


The bravest thing I have ever done is not to love you without hesitation, but to listen to your story about you and her.


The island divides the lake into two parts. The north side is like a round sun, called sun Lake; the south side is like a curved moon, called Moon Lake.


Those who want to leave can't stay. Those who want to stay won't go. Thank you for being with you all the time.