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1、The future, what tempting words, memories, what nostalgic words.未来,多么诱人的词,回忆,多么怀念的词。

1、The future, what tempting words, memories, what nostalgic words.未来,多么诱人的词,回忆,多么怀念的词。

2、Once we helped each other, now we are strangers.曾经的相濡以沫,现在的行同陌路。

3、Love is not fair. I don't know until I meet you.爱情不公平,遇到你我才知道。

4、Do you know? All my strength depends on hard support.知道吗?我所有的坚强,都靠硬撑。

5、The sweetness she gives is so deadly.她给的甜蜜,是那么的致命。

6、Time makes love learn absurdity. How can a smiling person cry.时光让爱学会荒谬,笑着的人怎么哭了。

7、Autumn is slowly cooling, leaving is not a sudden decision.秋是慢慢的变凉,离开也不是突然的决定。

8、Miss a person, that person has nothing to do with you.错过一个人,那人便与你无关。

9、I miss you, but I won't bother you anymore.我想你,但是不会再去打扰你了。

10、There are always some songs that make us sad and make us cry.总有那么一些歌,让我们悲伤,让我们哭泣。

11、The world is so big, either vulgar or lonely.世界那么大,要么庸俗要么孤独。

12、Play yourself, play yourself to amnesia.把自己演成自己,把自己演到失忆。

13、I still love you, but less persistence to be together.我还爱着你,只不过少了非要在一起的执着。

14、The entanglement in the heart, if solved, is a knot, if not solved, is a robbery.心上的纠葛,解的开,是结,解不开,是劫。

15、So deadly, do you really want to leave.如此的致命,难道真想离开嘛。

16、You don't know how many people have heard the same words.一样的话你不知说给了多少个人听。

17、Although reluctant, but we have nothing to do.虽然舍不得、但是咱无可奈何。

18、Suddenly I found that I didn't seem to have a reason to live.突然发觉自己好像没有活着的理由了。

19、If you don't get paid in return, you should know that enough is enough.得不到回报的付出,要懂得适可而止。

20、Once a person knows more, he will not be happy.一个人一旦知道的东西多了,就不快乐了。

21、No one is sorry for who, only who doesn't know how to cherish who.没有谁对不起谁,只有谁不懂得珍惜谁。

22、The starlight in your eyes makes me unforgettable all my life.你眼里弥漫的星光,使我一生难忘。

23、You know, I'll miss you and cry.你知道,我会想你想到哭。

24、I'm just acting on a whim, and you're just acting on it.我只是一时兴起,你也只是逢场作戏。

25、Later, we choked even calling each other's names.后来,我们连叫对方的名字都哽咽了。

26、Reluctant to part with my love, I broke my wings for you and fell into the world of mortals.恋恋不舍相思意,为卿折翼坠红尘。

27、It's better to uncover the scars of lovelorn and cure this painful disease.不如揭开失恋的疤,治好这场会痛的病。

28、I'm not important. I can throw it away at any time, right.我不重要可以随时丢掉,对不对。

29、I hope you can know that my heart will only beat for you forever.我希望你能知道,我的心永远只为你跳动。

30、Perfect happiness always needs two people to fight for.完美的幸福,始终需要两个人来争取。

31、Unable to retain the love, let me heartache can not be expressed.无法挽留的爱情,让我心痛的无法表达出来。

32、It turned out that I never got it. How can I lose it.原来我不曾得到,谈何失去。

33、Smile, smile, cry, laugh, laugh wolf heart and dog lung.微笑,微笑着流泪、大笑,笑的狼心狗肺。

34、Only the Yangtze River flows to the East without words.惟有长江水,无语东流。

35、Give you a slap and then rub it for you. This is the heart of the people.给你一巴掌然后再给你揉揉,这就是人心。

36、My truth is hidden in jokes.我的真心话,都藏在玩笑话里。

37、Even if I can tear my heart and crack my lungs, I can't resist her slight frown.即便是我会撕心裂肺,也不敌她的微微皱眉。

38、In fact, I used to be very cute, at least determined to last forever.实曾经的我很可爱,至少笃定着天长地久。

39、You are an impossible infatuation and delusion in my poor life.你是我穷极一生,都不可能的痴心和妄想。

40、Who is your love? You don't pee and take care of yourself.谁是你的情儿啊,你也不撒泡尿照照自己。

41、Be outspoken, outspoken and outspoken.大直若屈,大巧若拙,大辩若讷。

42、The sunshine in May can't illuminate my heart.五月的阳光,也无法照亮我的内心。

43、A word of sorry, a word of no love, hurt how many people's hearts.一句对不起一句不爱了,伤了多少人的心。

44、Don't know too much, you will be sad.不要知道得太多,会难过。

45、Smiling is not necessarily polite, sometimes it can be a warning.微笑不一定是礼貌,有时也会是警告。

46、With that touch of sunshine, I am still brilliant.有那一抹阳光,我还依旧灿烂。

47、Often at the edge of the dream, hard to find your shadow.时常在梦的边缘,苦苦寻觅着你的清影。

48、A woman is mature enough to only find a man who is good to her.女人足够成熟,只会找对她好的男人。

49、Lose not necessarily have, turn around not necessarily the weakest.失去不一定再拥有,转身不一定最软弱。

50、There is only one me in the world, you know.世界上只有一个我,你要知道。

51、The wind is light and the clouds are light. Who is still holding the lamp in front of the door and looking forward to my return?早已风轻云淡,谁还在门前掌灯盼我归还?

52、Listening to some songs, tears will still come out disobedient.听着一些歌,眼泪还是会不听话的出来。

53、Emotional force is excessive and full of cracks.感情用力过度,亦充满裂痕。

54、When the heart is lonely, it is easiest to lose yourself.心在孤单的时刻,最容易迷失自我。

55、Love you for two or three years, but your departure is in a moment.爱你两三年,你的离开却在一瞬间。

56、If it's not for the children, why should I embarrass myself.如果不是为了孩子,我何必苦苦为难我自己。

57、My surname is Liu, but I can't keep your heart.我姓刘却留不住你的心。

58、In your eyes, even caring about you is my fault.在你眼里,就连关心你,都是我的错。

59、I know you are a passer-by in my life, but I don't regret it.明知道你是我生命里的过客,但是我不后悔。

60、No matter how strong you are, someone will always be your fatal wound.无论你有多坚强,总有人是你的致命伤。

61、I have to admit that time really takes everything away.不得不承认,时间真的会带走一切。

62、You look like you don't lack me. How dare I hug you.你一副不缺我的样子,我怎敢去拥抱你。

63、Some people like each other, but they really can't be together.有些人相互喜欢,却真的不能在一起。

64、We are all the same. We expect too much, so we feel very tired.我们都一样,期盼得太多,因此感觉很累。

65、I'm used to sighing and sighing.看惯了人情冷暖,也就懒得唏嘘感叹。

66、No wonder you don't love me, just blame the time for us to meet too late.不怪你不爱我,就怪时间让我们遇见太迟。

67、Only when you die can you forget.只有死了心,你才忘得了。

68、Unintentional shoulder rubbing, eternal thinking.无心的擦肩,永恒的惦念。

69、How can I hide the sadness scattered all over the place.我该如何隐藏,那散落一地的忧伤。

70、See what's good for you and remember who bit you.看清对你好的,记得被谁咬了。

71、Separation is like a fate that can never be avoided.分离,就像一场,永远躲不了的宿命。

72、Some things, turning in an instant, have already deteriorated.有些事情,在瞬间的转弯,早已变质。

73、Who can go to the front of time and help me see the picture of the future.谁能走到时间的前面,帮我看看未来的画面。

74、I cry doesn't mean I'm sad, it's just to vent my dissatisfaction.我哭并不代表我伤心,只是发泄不满而已。

75、I've tasted love and friendship lose everything.我尝过爱情和友情满盘皆输的味道。

76、When you click back, it can be a red light when you cross three intersections.点背的时候,过三个十字路口能都是红灯。

77、If you don't like me, I don't have the capital to be unscrupulous.如果你不喜欢我,我哪来的资本肆无忌惮。

78、Be a simple person, peaceful and persistent, modest and fearless.做一个简单的人,平和而执着,谦虚而无畏。

79、I try my best to run forward, but I can't get close to your heart.我拼命向前奔跑却始终接近不到你的心。

80、You won't be afraid of anything you're used to, such as loneliness.习惯了什么你就不会害怕什么,比如孤单。

81、After separation, you should live better than me.分开后,你要过得比我好。

82、Silly, just know timely persistence and give up.傻过,才知道适时的坚持与放弃。

83、Is the valley without echo worth jumping.没有回音的山谷,到底值不值得纵身一跃。