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1、The red chamber looks at me through the rain, and the Pearl foil floating lamp returns alone.红楼隔雨相望我,珠箔飘灯独自归。

1、The red chamber looks at me through the rain, and the Pearl foil floating lamp returns alone.红楼隔雨相望我,珠箔飘灯独自归。

2、The purpose of life is to experience losing everyone.人生的目的在于体验失去所有人。

3、Under the shadow of a little Feihong. Green mountains and green waters, white grass, red leaves and yellow flowers.一点飞鸿影下。青山绿水,白草红叶黄花。

4、Wish life: the present is like water, the future is like poetry, and there will always be you.愿生活:当下如水,未来如诗,始终有你。

5、Instead of praying for plain life, it's better to pray for strength.与其祈求生活平淡点,还不如祈求自己强大点。

6、May you know how to let go and be treated gently by the years.愿你能懂得释怀,且被岁月温柔以待。

7、There are many people who get off the bus. You don't have to worry about it.中途下车的人有很多,你也不必耿耿于怀。

8、People live not to die, but to enjoy themselves.人活着、不是为了死,而是为了享受自己。

9、It's not that I don't love you.生气归生气,又不是不爱你。

10、Flying flowers are scattered all over the world. Let those bones, don't forget to go home.杳杳飞花,散落天涯。让那些白骨,别忘了回家。

11、Every present is our future memory.每一个现在,都是我们以后的记忆。

12、All the evil karma created in the past all began with greed, anger and ignorance.往昔所造诸恶业,皆由无始贪嗔痴。

13、Relax, you don't have that much audience.放松点生活,你没那么多观众。

14、Tears can't flow into the ocean after all. People always have to grow.眼泪终究流不成海洋,人总要不断成长。

15、The ship is at sea and the horse is in the mountains.船在海上,马在山中。

16、The best way to love yourself is to strive to be excellent.爱自己的最好方式,就是努力奋斗让自己优秀起来。

17、All the surprises and good luck in the world are your accumulated kindness and warmth.这世界所有惊喜和好运,都是你积累的善良和温暖。

18、No matter how high the sky is, standing on tiptoe is closer to the sun.天再高又怎样,踮起脚尖就更接近阳光。

19、You run slowly, there is laughter around you, you run fast, there is wind around you.你跑得慢,周围都是笑声,你跑得快,周围都是风。

20、I run and run to catch up with myself who was once given public hope.我跑啊跑啊就是为了追上那个曾经被赋予众望的自己。

21、When sadness comes, it doesn't come alone, but in groups.当悲伤来临的时候,不是单个来的,而是成群结队的。

22、Be alone and guard your heart, live in groups and guard your mouth.独处守心,群居守口。

23、I have a plan for you. I want to plan for you all my life.我对你可是有图谋的,想图你一辈子。

24、When I look back, the prosperity is exhausted, but it is just a fireworks blur.伊人回眸,繁华落尽,不过是一场烟火迷离。

25、Time has changed and things have changed.时过境迁,物是人非。

26、If you hold her hand, don't try to be my hero.牵了她的手,就别妄想做我的英雄。

27、There is nothing you can't do in this world. It just depends on whether you want to do it or not.这个世界上没有什么事是做不到的,只看你想不想做。

28、The body has no color, the wind has two wings, and the heart has a touch of communication.身无彩风双飞翼,心有灵犀一点通。

29、It's good to let go of some things and look at them. You don't have to worry too much.有些事放开就好,看开就好,不必计较太多。

30、Want to eat sad, but it's too big.想吃掉难过,但是它太大了。

31、Youth is precious. If you don't cherish it, you will really regret it.青春是宝贵的,如果不珍惜,真的会后悔的。

32、Selfishly expect your love to be special, but you can't be different under your skin.私心期盼你的情有独钟,皮囊下却没能与众不同。

33、The breeze gently caresses the strings of the zither and makes you drunk. It is chilly and cold.清风轻抚琴弦醉,瑟瑟凉意寒人心。

34、I feel shallow when I get it on paper. I absolutely know that I have to practice it.纸上得来终觉浅,绝知此事要躬行。

35、Without the courage to start, there is no crazy process.没有开始的勇气,何来疯狂的过程。

36、When life is not right, love meets no one, and all you get is fate.生不逢时,爱不逢人,所得之处皆是命数。

37、Time turns memories into movies, and you are the most loyal audience.时间都把回忆导成了电影,而你是最忠实的观众。

38、Huayan waterfall is thousands of feet high, less than Qingqing's love for me.华严瀑布高千尺,不及卿卿爱我情。

39、Cowardly people are afraid of loneliness, and rational people know how to enjoy loneliness.懦弱的人害怕孤独,理智的人懂得享受孤独。

40、The silver bed on the ice mat is not a dream. The blue sky is like water and the clouds are light at night.冰簟银床梦不成,碧天如水夜云轻。

41、I will never forget the promise I made for you.我为你许下的诺言,我一辈子都不会忘记。

42、Don't panic. May you reap steady happiness in your steady efforts.别慌张,愿你在稳稳的努力中收获稳稳地幸福。

43、Forgive me for being calm and invincible, just because there is no one behind me.原谅我镇定自若百毒不侵,只因我身后空无一人。

44、Since I met you, life is short and sweet.自从遇见你,人生苦短,甜长。

45、I can't stand it, but I can't stand it.我可以受十分的苦,但我受不了半分的委屈。

46、If you have to compare your eyes, why do you die? You only envy mandarin ducks, not immortals.得成比目何辞死,只羡鸳鸯不羡仙。

47、Because of contentment, it is closer to happiness.因为知足,所以更接近幸福。

48、There is no beginning, but an end.靡不有初,鲜克有终。

49、In other years, if I were the green emperor, I would report to blossom with the peach blossom.他年我若为青帝,报与桃花一处开。

50、There is no joy in life without you.世不遇你,生无可喜。

51、The world is full of differences, so learn to respect others.世界充满分歧,所以要学会尊重别人。

52、A young man can be crazy and dare to scold heaven and earth for being inhumane, regardless of opportunity or curse.少年一世能狂,敢骂天地不仁,才不管机缘还是祸根。

53、Leaving tears, how much sorrow. In the old dream, row a mulberry field.离人泪,几多愁。旧梦中,划桑田。

54、A proud man vows to heaven and earth. How can he bend when his heart beats constantly.一身傲骨誓天地,心跳不停怎能屈。

55、While the stars and the moon are there, whisper, you are so cute.趁着星星和月亮都在,悄悄说声,你真可爱。

56、It's too ambiguous to share your daily life. You can only do it with me.分享日常这件事太暧昧了,你只许跟我做。

57、No matter how I live, I won't live with you.管我怎么活,又不跟你过。

58、What's wrong with waiting for him for ten years, but you are unable to wander in the Jianghu and dare not forget.你说十年流光等他又何妨,却无力彷徨江湖不敢忘。

59、It's better to smile for what you have than to cry because it's over.与其为已经结束而哭泣,不如为曾经拥有而微笑。

60、Enjoy flowers in spring and look at the moon in autumn. When you wake up, you also love Qing and dream about Qing.春赏百花秋望月,醒亦恋卿梦亦念卿。

61、You have to see the vast world and judge whether it is good or bad.你要看过世界辽阔,再去评判是好是坏。

62、It's hard to live alone. Why should I be happy.光活着就很难了,为什么还要我快乐。

63、Peeping at sincerity, accomplice indulges.窥看真心,共犯沉溺。

64、I'm not like you. Your courage is natural.我不像你,你的勇敢是天生的。

65、Honey, I don't have courage. I'm not brave enough to make you love me.亲爱的,我没有勇气,我不够勇敢,没资格让你爱我。

66、Go ahead and don't look back.往前走,别回头。

67、Just like, the most comfortable, know the proper relationship is the most charming.恰到好处的喜欢,最舒服,懂得分寸的关系最迷人。

68、Over and over again, if it wasn't for love, missing wouldn't hurt so much.反反覆覆,如果不是爱过,思念也不会那么疼。

69、The deep sea is a dream, the deep night is the dawn, and my soul is you.海至深是梦,夜至深是黎明,我灵魂至深是你。

70、I will tolerate the disrespect of beautiful women with a broad mind.朕会用宽广的心胸包容美女们的大不敬。

71、You wait, one day you will be my son's mother!你等着吧,总有一天你会是我儿子的妈!

72、Our biggest mistake is that we didn't pass by the moment we met.我们最大的错,就是相遇的那刻没有擦肩而过。

73、If your heart is simple, then the world is simple.如果你的心简单,那么这个世界也就简单。

74、Wandering life, love one person, ten miles of breeze, just want you.浪荡一生,钟情一人,微风十里,只想要你。