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1、If you can’t escape, you should learn to face it. Don’t retreat easily if the road is hard.逃不掉就该学会面对,路途艰辛也别轻易撤退。

1、If you can't escape, you should learn to face it. Don't retreat easily if the road is hard.逃不掉就该学会面对,路途艰辛也别轻易撤退。

2、Life is too short. If you give up today, you may not get it tomorrow.生命太过短暂,今天放弃了明天不一定能得到。

3、Only through the hardships of life can we realize the value of life.只有经历人生的种种磨难,才能悟出人生的价值。

4、The glory of life lies not in never failing, but in being able to fall and rise again and again!人生的光荣不在永不败,而在能屡倒屡起!

5、Life is not breath, life is activity.生命不等于是呼吸,生命是活动。

6、Life is like an ocean. Only those with strong will can reach the other shore.生活就像海洋,只有意志坚强的人,才能到达彼岸。

7、It's hard to work hard, but always remember that if you don't work hard, it will always be difficult.努力很难,但要永远记住,如果不努力,就会一直难。

8、Not every shell has pearls, but pearls must appear in the shell.不是每一个贝壳里都有珍珠,但珍珠一定出现在贝壳中。

9、The road depends on yourself. No matter how rough it is, you have to live by yourself.路靠自己走,就算再坎坷,也要自己过。

10、No matter how muddy today is, tomorrow will still arrive as promised.无论今天多么浑浊不堪,明天依旧如约而至。

11、A person who turns back frequently can't go far.一个频频回头的人,是走不了远路的。

12、It's better to be laughed at for a while than for a lifetime.宁可被人笑一时,不可被人笑一辈子。

13、What can really make you fall is not your opponent, but your desperate heart.真正能让你倒下的,不是对手,而是你绝望的内心。

14、If you don't chase, you will never have it. Don't go forward, always stay where you are.不去追逐,永远不会拥有。不往前走,永远原地停留。

15、If you are diligent and serious, you will receive fruitful results if you are more serious and down-to-earth.勤奋认真的你,再认真踏实些,必定收到累累的硕果。

16、Instead of trying to prove it to others, it's better to become excellent secretly.与其努力证明给别人看,不如自己偷偷变得优秀。

17、No one can be pure all the way to the end, but don't forget your original self.没有人能一路单纯到底,但别忘了最初的自己。

18、Seize dreams and ideals, the only thing we have to do in this life is: never give up.抓住梦与理想,这一生我们惟一要做的是:永不放弃。

19、Life is the present tense and the present continuous tense, without the past tense.人生就是一般此刻时和此刻进行时,没有一般过去时。

20、The so-called bottomless abyss has a bright future.所谓无底深渊,下去也是前程万里。

21、What makes people stand up is not their feet, but the ideal wisdom, will and creativity.使人站起来的不是双脚,而是理想的智慧意志和创造力。

22、Most people want to change the world, but few want to change themselves.大多数人想要改造这个世界,但却罕有人想改造自己。

23、Only by working hard, will there be no regret, no regret.只有努力工作,才会没有遗憾,没有遗憾。

24、If you want to fly high, you should forget the horizon.如果要飞得高,就该把地平线忘掉。

25、The so-called genius is a lie, and hard work is real.所谓天才,那就是假话,勤奋的工作才是实在的。

26、The person I like is excellent. The reason why I work hard is that I deserve him.我喜欢的人很优秀,我努力的理由是配得上他。

27、It's better to be yourself than to play tricks in other people's lives.与其在别人的生活里跑龙套,不如精彩做自己。

28、Efforts to open up, only to make the curved bamboo whip into a straight moso bamboo.努力向上的开拓,才使弯曲的竹鞭化作了笔直的毛竹。

29、Remember that if you are not disappointed in this second, you will have expectations in the next second.记住这一秒不失望,下一秒就会有期望。

30、What matters is not what happened, but what should be done to improve it.重要的不是发生了什么事,而是要做哪些事来改善它。

31、The world makes me black and blue, but the wound grows wings.世界让我遍体鳞伤,但伤口长出的却是翅膀。

32、Life is only beautiful, not brilliant.人生只有走出来的美丽,没有等出来的辉煌。

33、Don't waste your life where you must regret.不要浪费你的生命,在你必须会后悔的地方上。

34、No matter when you start, it's important not to stop after you start.不论你在什么时候开始,重要的是开始之后就不要停止。

35、When the world is saying let go, gently tell yourself: try again.当世界都在说放下的时候,轻轻的告诉自我:再试一次。

36、Without achievements once and for all, stagnation will only be replaced.没有一劳永逸的成绩,停滞不前只会被取代。

37、If we can change our emotions, we can change the future.如果我们能够改变情绪,我们就能够改变未来。

38、Only those dreams laughed at by others have the meaning of realization.那些被人嘲笑的梦想,才有实现的意义呀。

39、There is no harvest without sowing.没有播种,何来收获。

40、Put away all your rhetoric and swallow all your cries.所有的豪言都收起来,所有的呐喊都咽下去。

41、If you don't step on the muddy path, you can't step on the road covered with flowers.不从泥泞不堪的小道上迈步,就踏不上铺满鲜花的大路。

42、What really changes our destiny is not our opportunities, but our attitude.真正改变命运的,并不是我们的机遇,而是我们的态度。

43、If you want to climb the top of the mountain, you don't want to stand at the foot of the mountain.有志登山顶,无志站山脚。

44、Read, travel, work hard, sober, knowledgeable and live up to all living beings.读书、旅行、努力工作,清醒、识趣、不负众生。

45、Luminescence is not the patent of the sun. You can also shine.发光并非太阳的专利,你也可以发光。

46、It's not your wallet that determines what you wear, but your figure.决定你穿什么衣裳的,不是你的钱包,而是你的身材。

47、Don't be a prisoner of yourself. Dreams need the courage to break through the prison.不要做自我的囚徒,梦想需要击破囚牢的勇气。

48、Real life, you can find the candy stolen and hidden by life.真生活,就能找到被人生偷藏起来的糖果。

49、Success lies in the exertion of advantages, and failure is the accumulation of disadvantages.成功在优点的发挥,失败是缺点的累积。

50、Sweat is the dew that moistens the soul, and both hands are the wings of ideal flight.汗水是滋润灵魂的甘露,双手是理想飞翔的翅膀。

51、He who eats bitterness is a master. Please enjoy the unavoidable pain.吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。请享受无法回避的痛苦。

52、There is no failure, only give up.没有失败,只有放弃。

53、The more tortuous the road of struggle, the purer the soul.奋斗之路越曲折,心灵越纯洁。

54、The world is uncertain, you and I are all dark horses.乾坤未定,你我皆黑马。

55、Let the world be full of clouds, I would like to embrace a childlike heart.任世界沧海浮云,我愿怀抱一颗赤子之心。

56、Change yourself, challenge yourself, from now on.改变自我,挑战自我,从现在开始。

57、Footprints are most likely to be left on the soft beach, but they are also most likely to be erased by the tide.松软的沙滩上最容易留下脚印,但也最容易被潮水抹去。

58、If you don't get it willingly, there will be no discouraged smile.若不是没有心甘情愿的得到,哪儿会有不甘气馁的笑。

59、People are always trying to cherish what they don't get and forget what they have.人们总是在努力珍惜未得到的,而遗忘了所拥有的。

60、The success or failure of life is often between one thought, but most of them are just one thought.人生的成败往往就在一念之间,但大多数都是一念之差。

61、Stick to your dreams and fly even without wings.坚持自己的梦想,即使没有翅膀也能飞翔。

62、No difficulty is a reason for you to give up.没有一种困难,是成为你放弃的理由。

63、When you find this road difficult to walk, it must be uphill.当你觉得这条路很难走的时候,一定是上坡路。

64、Live the life you want and be a person worth remembering many years later.过一种你想要的生活,做一个许多年后值得回忆的人。

65、Through the days when no one cares, there is poetry and distance.熬过无人问津的日子,才有诗和远方。

66、The whole brain is empty Committee, and the present is reality.脑内的全是虚委,眼前的才是现实。

67、Very few people can be themselves, but they must work hard.能做自己的人非常少,但是必须努力呀。

68、One must not be arrogant, but one must not be without pride.人不可有傲气,但不可无傲骨。

69、Work is not for work, but for people!做事不是为了做事,而是为了人!

70、If you only do what you can, you will never surpass what you are now.如果你只做你能做的,那么你永远不会超越你现在。

71、Don't think about creating the sea. You must start with a small river.别想一下造出大海,必须先由小河川开始。

72、If you don't work hard today, there will be no place for you tomorrow!你今天不努力,明天就无你的立足之地!

73、Different beliefs determine different destiny!不同的信念,决定不同的命运!

74、The meaning of life lies not in holding a good hand, but in playing a bad hand.人生的意义不在于拿一手好牌,而在于打好一手坏牌。

75、As long as better, not the best! Struggle is the father of success.只要更好,不求最好!奋斗是成功之父。

76、Don't negate your 100% efforts because of 5% negative evaluation.不要因为5%的负面评价,去否定自己100%的努力。

77、The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.困难越大,荣耀也越大。

78、Those who avoid reality will be less ideal in the future.回避现实的人,未来将更不理想。

79、Your current life may not be what you want, but you definitely asked for it.你现在的生活也许不是你想要的,但绝对是你自找的。

80、Most people, most of the time, can only rely on themselves.绝大多数人,在绝大多数时候,都只能靠自己。

81、No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show yourself.不管你感觉如何,起来,打扮好,展现自己。

82、Talent is the crystallization of hard work. Talent is the blade, hard work is the grindstone.才华是血汗的结晶。才华是刀刃,辛苦是磨刀石。

83、If you always give up so easily, you will only stand still no matter how long.你总是这样轻言放弃的话,无论多久都只会原地踏步。

84、No matter how ambitious the goal is, it cannot be supported without faith.目标再远大,终离不开信念去支撑。

85、Be sincere, calm, generous, tolerant and ordinary.要诚恳,要坦然,要慷慨,要宽容,要有平常心。

86、No matter how good the seeds are, they will not bear rich fruits if they are not sown.再好的种子,不播种下去,也结不出丰硕的果实。

87、Never set sail, why to the distance.不曾扬帆,何以至远方。

88、Find ways to succeed, not excuses for failure.为成功找方法,不为失败找借口。

89、The rainbow after the rain is more beautiful, and the suffering life is more brilliant.雨后的彩虹更美丽,磨难的人生更辉煌。

90、You have to be what you imagine. You can't let it happen at all.你要成为自己想象中的样子,这件事,一步也不能让。

91、Youth is like cutting onions. We all cry, but we still enjoy it.青春就像是切洋葱,我们都泪流满面,却还乐此不疲。

92、Since you have identified a road, why ask how long it will take.你既然认准一条道路,何必去打听要走多久。

93、If you don't try to do something beyond your ability, you will never grow.若不尝试着做些本事之外的事,你就永远不会成长。

94、It's not difficult to make a decision. The difficult thing is to take action and stick to it.做一个决定,并不难,难的是付诸行动,并且坚持到底。

95、Don't sigh for the lost years, face the time that wants to slip away in a hurry.不要为已消逝之年华叹息,须正视欲匆匆溜走的时光。

96、Keep your love of life and make every day hot.保持对生活的热爱,把每一天都过得热气腾腾。

97、As long as the mood is sunny, there will be no rainy days in life.只要心情是晴朗的,人生就没有雨天。

98、Opportunities are self created, not blindly waiting for others to give.机会是自我创造的,而不能一味的等待别人的赐予。

99、When you fall to the bottom, that means you can only go up, not down!当你跌到谷底时,那正表示,你只能往上,不能往下!

100、When a man welcomes the light with his work, the light will soon come and shine on him.当一个人用工作去迎接光明,光明很快就会来照耀着他。